About Melanie

Melanie Epperly’s early years were spent in Rock Island, Illinois, the home of Chief Blackhawk of the Sauk Nation. She has extensive knowledge of foods and juicing from her earliest days and has had the gift of sharing this knowledge with many people globally.

Throughout her years of experience Melanie has been honored to learn from many wonderful health pioneers and wisdom keepers around the world.

Her experience includes traveling with Jay Kordich, “The JuiceMan” nation wide, promoting juicing fresh fruits and vegetables for optimal health. Melanie later lived and studied in Puerto Rico with Dr. Ann Wigmore, at what is now called the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute. In addition Melanie was manager and educator at La Casa de Vida Natural, a health retreat center in Puerto Rico, followed by a position at the Alternativa health retreat in Cuernavaca, Mexico. In 2011 Melanie became a certified Gerson Home Set-up Trainer. She continues to promote and educate groups and individuals globally in the importance of wholistic living.

Some of the beautiful Medicine Men and Women Melanie has been gifted to learn from include: Char Sundust, Grandfather Wallace Black Elk, White Eagle, Bear Heart, Kachinas Kutenai, Luisa Teish and many others. She continues to travel promoting full health of body, mind and spirit.